RedPanda Earth is a community driven token. There are different areas formed by community members who want to help the cause. Any member can step up and help actively in any area where they think they could be useful.


The Board of Directors help oversee the project by spearheading and having influence over our continued expansion; ensuring we head in the appropriate direction as a global project. They focus on the necessary areas that are conducive to ensuring our growth and expansion including, but not limited to: media relations, charitable giving, marketing, community outreach, regional and global communications, partnerships, and many other related aspects.

The board is comprised of business and technology leaders from around the globe with one goal in mind: make RedPanda Earth the unimpeachable benchmark for crypto giving and charity. 

Find out more about our social media channels and relevant platforms in linktr.ee. Our official ticker is REDPANDA, but you can find us on Twitter as $REDPAN & #redpandatoken